Nothing brings us more joy and giddiness than hunting for vintage. So much has been built from our decades of vintage hunts togetherwe have dreamt up business ideas (and made them come to life!), cultivated our aesthetic worldview, and spent an endless number of beautiful hours digging through piles of denim, knits and Victorian laces. But between the silent nods of approval when we find the perfect 501s and the fits of laughter when we run across a throwback puff paint sweatshirt, the most important thing that came of all these escapades was building a loyal friendship and unparalleled partnership.  We have dug through thrift stores, estate sales and flea markets searching for little details that make us swoon, color palettes that feel happily disruptive, and worn denim washes or frayed hems that have inspired entire collections and best-selling pieces. We had heard of Antiques week in Round Top, Texas through renowned friends in the design world and knew it would be a perfect time to be inspired and spend time with other vintage loving friends. We met up with Jane and Judy Aldridge, of Sea of Shoes and Atlantis Home respectively. They, too, fell in love with unusual objects, handmade embroideries and home décor. All captured by epically talented photographer Carley Page, we were all smiles as we schlepped through buzzed about destinations like Marburger and Excess, refueled on local BBQ spots and laughed about how we would actually manage to transport all of our finds home. Seeing the incredible pictures of us in our element, with our friends, is a great reminder of how doing this feeds our souls, our creativity, and our friendship.














March 1, 2018

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Emily and Meritt are longtime best friends and creative comrades. Style authorities and denim aficionados, their shared love of everything vintage and Americana has lead them to a distinctive career as stylists, consultants, designers and authors.
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