When we were lucky enough to spend some time in Round Top, Texas for their biannual antiques fair, we were overwhelmed with not only the 10 miles of vintage inspiration but also unparalleled hospitality. Kindly hosted by vintage gurus, Smoot and Paige Hull, we were delighted to live like locals and enjoy a fully immersive experience. We stayed at their perfectly decorated B + B, aptly named The Vintage Round Top, where we started our day with fresh coffee and excitement. We spent the day with an insider’s map to the antique fair’s best haunts, and spent hours digging for everything from old world garments to handmade pottery. We ended the day with sore feet, sweaty brows and so many goodies to cart home. The Vintage Round Top is a source of inspiration in itselflayers of nostalgic prints, a smattering of incredible found objects and a fresh take on a vintage farmhouse with a twist. We were delighted every moment we were there. Paige and Smoot have captured the spirit of the town and the fair, but beyond that, provided expertise in the hunt, the finer points of high-low decorating, and introductions to all the best dealers and local shop owners. There is no question, they have made their mark in this incredible town and industry.












March 2, 2018

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