The book is our inspiration board – we always gravitate towards the idea of a boy’s jean on a girl, something that’s a bit awkward. The project was born out of an organic love of denim and our friendship together. A Denim Story is an homage to things that inspire us. Like the American dream, denim is constantly reinventing itself.


Every pair of jeans has a story and tells a story.

“With a curated collection of images, A Denim Story categorizes and classifies denim, from overalls to American Summer styles, workwear shapes to the most loved, lived-in pairs. And since the team first bonded in college over their love of vintage Levi’s 646’s, the book shies away from expected imagery of sexed-up models in tight jeans. Instead it pays careful attention to pairs that feel timeless and slightly androgynous.” — Alexis Brunswick,

“Emily and Meritt are such savants when it comes to denim. When I first started working with them, they were going and buying vintage jeans and tailoring them. They’ve always been obsessed with denim. It’s always at the forefront of their design mind. So I feel like there’s nobody better to speak about denim and the world of denim” -Mandy Moore,

“In A Denim Story, the partners ruminate on the images that have inspired not only their work but also their interwoven lifestyles. Patti Smith and Jane Birkin loom large, alongside images from fashion shoots the pair has art directed and styled. It’s something they’ll be able to pull of the bookshelf and show their grandkids.” -Justine Harman, ELLEandrogynous.

“Make room on your bookshelf for A Denim Story, a photo retrospective of icons Jane Birkin, Brigitte Bardot, and Patti Smith that traces denim’s history in American culture. Cue the page views.” -Jessica Minkoff, Marie Claire